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Huvi outdoor learning tools rated excellent by Education Alliance Finland

Huvi outdoor EAF evaluation diploma

Great news! Huvi Wind turbine solution has received its certification from Education Alliance Finland (EAF) and was rated 94% as “excellent”. The certificate proves that the tool is a well designed educational solution that aligns with learning science principles. 

According to EAF, Huvi Wind turbine means: 

  • Well planned learning process for STEAM topics
  • Great learning and engineering process descriptions
  • Practical, real life experiment to demonstrate several concepts and a chance to use one’s own skills and creativity.
  • Easy to follow and carefully thought out lesson plans

Huvi is developing outdoor learning tools and STEAM projects that are connected to the curriculum, and we continuously strive to ensure that our materials are adaptable to a wide range of curricula. Therefore, we are particularly pleased that EAF confirmed that our creations meet the requirements.

Huvi meets the STEAM subject requirements outlined in both the Next Generation Science Standards and the Finnish National Core Curriculum.

However, we not only support fundamental knowledge but also significantly foster the development of essential life skills, specifically in global awareness, social skills, creativity, critical thinking, learning to learn, and ICT literacy.

Here are the conclusions and reasons why Huvi Wind turbine solution is so great:

Pedagogical approach, 94%

  • A great and well planned learning process for STEAM topics. The learning process is rewarding, involving practical teamwork and discussions with room for teacher feedback.
  • Solid structure for learning new concepts in a setting that is linked to real phenomena and which allows expanding to multidisciplinary projects too.
  • The wind turbine projects involve applying learned skills in open-ended problem-solving, using individual tactics to address challenges, and incorporate goal-setting as part of the scientific process.
  • The learning process and engineering process descriptions are great.
  • In-person interaction enriches learning, fostering collaborative guidance while allowing teachers to tailor group work. It encourages collaboration within the school and with external experts during student solution presentations.

Learning environment, 3.9 out of 5 

  • Huvi Outdoor’s wind turbine offers hands-on activities and real life experiments. 
  • Lesson plans are easy to follow and carefully thought out. 
  • It gives a practical, real life experiment to demonstrate several concepts and a chance to use one’s own skills and creativity. 
  • Students of many levels can work together in the project. The students also teach each other about subjects as well as group work.


Education Alliance Finland (EAF), is the leading expert in Europe evaluating educational products and services based on their effectiveness and impact on learning. Their aim is to support the development and use of effective learning tools that align with pedagogical principles and enhance the learning experience. As of 2023, EAF has joined EdTech Impact to support its mission of balancing between research and practical insights and uniting a diverse community of EdTech stakeholders. EAF complements this model, contributing to the EdTech knowledge economy in schools and offering providers an affordable route to enhance quality for over 500K EdTech buyers.
EAF is now called Pedagogical Quality Certification and is a part of our Quality Framework.